Cards set and booklets

64 cards divided in 8 categories, with a booklet each and a manual describing

short mindful activities to develop children’s self awareness,

a chance to  pause, notice, connect and share.

          cards z 8 categories

Why not start now,  you can download  8 free cards – The body –  Booklet 2 Body resource

a free booklet – The body – Booklet 1

a free manual – Manual for cards – the body

free mindfulness practices – « at the bottom of the page »

and how to use those resourcesMindfulness welcome lettersuggestions

If you like it, you can order all the resources – at cost, during quarantine : 

£15.oo including postage in UK

Growing Mindful cards set

card box z

Mindfulness practices – free downloads

Pause – the sound of the bell –

Anchor  –

Breath –

Body scan –

Breathing space –

Thoughts –

Mind holiday –

Feeling discovery –

Kind wishes –

Compassionate friend –