Some of the schools growing mindful …

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Infant schools

I like the “quiet”, there is peace. – Year 1 boy

I like being with myself to have a think. Mindfulness helps me when I get angry, it helps me be calm. – Year 2 girl

I like the “singing bowl” because when it rings I feel happy, calmer. – Reception boy

Mindfulness helps my heart work better. – Year 2 girl

Junior schools

Some feedback from Year 6

It helps me to keep calm and relax before a test.

Mindfulness helps me to keep calm and go to sleep.

I think I will be able to not worry as much.

Mindfulness helps me calm down and concentrate.

It helps me when my sisters are being annoying.

Special need school

Since Nadège introduced Mindfulness into our school there has been a definite impact on behaviour, helping to lower pupil’s stress levels while increasing their resilience. – Emotional Wellbeing leader

Secondary schools

It helps me a lot. I enjoy the breathing the most. I would recommend younger students to this so they could manage stress before year 11. – Year 11 girl secondary school in Sheffield

I have benefited from the workshops by learning how to concentrate and calm down. – Year 10 girl secondary school in Sheffield

It helps me to sleep easily and now I have started to notice when I am in a test that I can be more confident toward it. – Year 10 boy secondary school in Sheffield

I feel calmer, more positive and confident and it was nice to know that I am not the only person feeling stressed. – Year 11 boy

Teachers and staff in education

 Learning ways to possibly cope with negative effect of stress. Very thought provoking. – primary teacher (day training)

At the beginning I wasn’t sure what mindfulness was and how it could be brought into schools but now I feel it is a must and will be passing on my thoughts to our head – primary teacher (day training)

The training has enabled me to make time for practising the Mindfulness techniques without feeling guilty or rushed. It has also brought me closer to work colleagues – enjoying small moments which are unexpected and trying to create these moments more – primary teacher

A teacher’s job is very frantic and Mindfulness is an excellent way to keep an healthy mind – primary teacher

The training was excellent and relevant in in enhancing the skills I need to perform my voluntary work with children and teenagers. – Governor in a secondary school

Nadège’s enthusiasm, knowledge and expertise in Mindfulness are second to none. This day is essential for anyone interested in reducing their own stress and  improving the well-being of the children they teach. – Melanie Moore, Curriculum Director, Cornerstones Education

Parents/carers in the community

The training has helped me dealing with my eldest son differently. It made me realise that there are lots of different ways you can help your children in life’s big “jungle. – Teenagers ‘dad

I have had a “light bulb” moment about the direction of my life and the value of living in the moment – that moment – and that it can be made nourishing by our perception of it. I’ve remembered who I am! – Young adults’ mum

There is quite a lot to take in when you are first introduce to Mindfulness, developing an awareness of inherent thought patterns and becoming aware that it is possible to follow different paths if we choose to. – 11 year old boy’s mum