Nadège Robin


Qualified teacher, mindfulness practitioner and facilitator in education 

As a teacher, a coach and a parent, I became aware that an increasing number of young people/students felt under a lot of stress whilst preparing for exams, and had not been taught the skills to remain calm and focused under pressure, which affected their overall wellbeing and performance levels in exams.

So in 2010, I decided to design and deliver workshops incorporating some study skills and mindfulness to help students during their exam period in the secondary school where I had been teaching since 2002. The feedback from the pupils and staff were very positive. This was the beginning of my journey introducing Mindfulness to children, young people and adults caring for them through workshops and training.

Having been a Mindfulness Practitioner for many years, in 2013 I attended a MBCT course (Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy) to strengthen my knowledge and understanding of Mindfulness. I am now a certified .b instructor/trainer (designed by MisP – mindfulness in school project in London) and have completed the mindful school curriculum (for 5 to 18 year olds). Early 2014 I completed the teacher training level 1 with Bangor University in Wales to enable me to deliver the MBSR (mindfulness base stress reduction a 8 week program) to adults. I have since trained to deliver the Foundation course for staff in education through MisP,  Mindful motherhood program for new or future mums designed by the Institute of Noetic Science and Nurturing parents course designed by Eluned Gold. In 2017 I attended and learnt a lot from two trainings on compassion, Mindfulness Based Compassionate Living with Frits Koster and Compassionate Communication (NVC) with Penny Wine, which now also informed my own practice and the courses I share.

I follow the good practice guidance for teaching Mindfulness based course set by the UK network of mindfulness based teacher trainers. I have a supervisor, a daily Mindfulness practice and attend regular meditation retreats.

I have done extensive research on the effects of mindfulness for parents and carers and in education. I have become familiar with different curricula and programs available (Mind Up, Stress Teen, Mindfulness in School, Mindful School, mindful parenting, Mindful mother hood, seating like a frog, mind with heart…)and approaches and ways in which to introduce Mindfulness to young people and those caring for them.

I personally experience the benefits of practicing mindfulness and get a real sense of satisfaction sharing this life skill with children and young people and those who care for them, helping to develop their self- awareness and to promote their health and well being. As a teacher and a parent I believe that education should attend to the whole child – cognitively, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically – and equip them with the tools to deal with all of life’s challenges positively.