Growing Mindful – Educating with Mindfulness to help young minds flourish

Welcome to Growing Mindful, our mission is to promote the new generation’s well-being through the delivery of Mindfulness training to children, young people and the adults who care for them.


Our vision is that each child, young person should have the opportunity to discover and learn how to practice mindfulness, so that they may become empowered to make choices in life with confidence, while protecting themselves from the excessive stress of a fast moving world, and above all encouraging them to develop compassion and kindness in their relationships with themselves and others.

We share Mindfulness with parents/carers, staff in education setting and children, teen and young people.

The benefits are enormous both to ourselves and to those around us. It can really help us to be more present in our lives, more engaged and ultimately happier and more fulfilled.

An extensive body of scientific research shows the benefits of practicing Mindfulness.  It has been proven to:

  • Help to better cope with stress and anxiety
  • Increase wellbeing, self-esteem and awarenessstrong
  • Encourage empathy and positive social behaviour
  • Develop emotional intelligence
  • Teach how to respond and not react to life’s events
  • Optimise teaching/learning and performance
  • Promote concentration, confidence and resilience
  • Have a positive impact on physical health